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Public Servants - From Apathy, To Viable And Sustainable Alternative Solutions.

A key driver of economic growth in any country is an efficient, motivated Public Service.   This sector is oftentimes maligned, and its contribution towards the sustainable development of the nation is taken for granted.  A government could have the best strategies, and cutting edge ideas to grow its economy, but without the work of the Public Servants – implementation and execution will come to a grinding halt. 

And it is for this reason, the rich reservoir of skills and talents which abound within the ranks of the Public Service must be harnessed to ensure that the maximum potential of the sector is realized.

Grenada has a long history of confrontation between Public Servants and various governments.  In fact, some of the most tumultuous events over the last three decades, had their origins in the acrimonious relationships which permeated the sector. Politicians of every persuasion, used the Public Service to enhance their respective agendas.
In recent times, heavy emphasis has been placed on addressing and resolving some inherent shortcomings, in remuneration for Public Servants.       

It is extremely unfair and uncaring to ask our police officers, teachers and nurses to provide service without adequate compensation.  An Administration with the wisdom and foresight to remove income tax on severance pay and other retirement benefits, shows great empathy.   The commitment and willingness to settle outstanding back-pay, one off payments, and other fringe benefits, further demonstrates a deep appreciation of the value placed on Public Servants.

To have accomplished all of this without the loss of any jobs is truly a monumental achievement!    While some governments in the region slashed jobs in the Public Service, Grenada proved that with sound fiscal management and discipline, the wage bill could be managed without sending home workers.

Concurrent with its public sector reform, the commendable efforts to implement National Health Insurance (NHI) is yet another visionary plan to positively impact the lives of Public Servants and Grenada as whole.  Many persons who are on the brink of retirement, are petrified about the high cost of Health Care and related services. For such individuals, NHI couldn’t have come at a better time.  Other highlights of the Government’s commitment to Public Servants include:

  • Phased regularization of Temporary Public Service employees, including teachers and nurses.  
  • Identifying anomalies and taking corrective measures through job analysis and evaluation.
  • Pension reform
  • Reduction  in the rate of  Income  Tax
  • 110 Million in back- pay, salary increases and other benefits    

Over the years, housing - particularly among private sector workers has been a major challenge for all governments. Exacerbated by the ravages of hurricanes and other natural disasters, the Government’s solution oriented response:  Three hundred and fifty three (353) housing units for Grenadian families.  And recently, preparatory work for another 247 units in St. David has started.   Work would soon begin on another 400 units on other sights, including Dumfries on the sister Isle of Carriacou.

Grenada appears to be on the path of great economic success and prosperity.     

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